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So, what do they say about your non-profit?

branding (1)Creating awareness and publicity of your non-profit brand is sometimes a challenge when you have limited resources and time. Still, creating the buzz about your non-profit is important when it comes to raising additional funds, recruiting new board members or volunteers, and engaging with your communities. The best way to promote your non-profit brand is by a combination of word-of-mouth marketing, which is free, and more traditional marketing, which may require some monies.

With support from your board members,volunteers and staff, you can use social media to get the word out about the value that your non-profit brings to your community.

So where do you begin:

Create and execute a social media strategy.
Guided by your non-profit’s mission and vision, create an annual social media strategy that includes social platforms, possible content, dates, and performance metrics. As part of your organization’s social media strategy, create a social media calendar that can be implemented by one or two members of your staff.

Identify and promote stories that engage board members, donors, volunteers, and staff members.
People like to talk about stories about a changed life or a benefit received from an organization. Today, we all are looking for stories that inspire, energize and are aligned with the causes that we believe in. Create stories that focus on the person/family who experienced that change. Think about how those stories support your organization’s mission and engage donors and volunteers. Remember to include a call to action – what do you want the reader to do next?

Get your network to act.
Engage your network – board members, volunteers, donors and staff to actively share your stories via their own social networks. Give them a heads-up about the important postings. Also if you want your network to create their own content regarding the same topic/story, provide them the most important bullet points so they can post their thoughts about the story.

Measure Your Results.
Finally, measure the results – from number of postings to increase donations to increase board engagement. As you implement your non-profit’s social media strategy, adjust your postings to reflect those results and the changes in your business environment.

So, what are you currently doing to get your non-profit brand out there? What is your non-profit’s social media strategy? Start now to get the word out!