Creating A Business Ecosystem Serving an Entrepreneurial Immigrant Community.

During the past few years, a Chicago neighborhood with a Mexican immigrant majority, that has long demonstrated their resilience, resourcefulness, work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, has grappled with COVID-19, vaccinations, school closures, and racial justice movements resulting in a negative economic impact to many of its small businesses.  

This neighborhood’s first business community foundation was established to address issues of economic equity, community wealth, and overall community well being.

Consulting Objectives

  • To assist in the creation and development of a community foundation’s business ecosystem that-in collaboration with their partners-provides culturally relevant programming, bilingual resources, workforce training, and access to capital.


  • Develop and implement the following business plans:  

Strategic Marketing Plan

  • Review and revise organization’s value proposition, mission, vision, and core values.
  • Create organization’s first annual report highlighting achievements and contributions to community’s economic wellbeing, and overall health.
  • Prepare communication materials to present and promote new 2022-2025 Strategic Plan to key funders and stakeholders.

2023-2025 Strategic Plan

  • Create three-year strategic plan and performance dashboard to position the community foundation for growth and meet its mission, vision, core values, and value proposition.

Change Management Strategic Plan

  • Identify organizational change management needs to position the community foundation for the next level of board governance, business growth and staffing needs.  Strategic plan presented various scenarios to accelerate needed changes based on theory of change philosophy.

Leadership Development Plan

  • Provide assistance in executive director and/or other staff searches, as needed.
  • Provide professional coaching to current executive director targeting specific areas such as executive communication, board management, reporting to funders, and staff management.

Projected Outcomes

  • Increase brand recognition with business influencers, current and prospective funders, community leaders, and public appointed and elected officials.
  • Increase creation of community-based business and leadership models to accelerate the formation of economic equity models with their impact on measurable positive community well being.
  • Increase and strengthen cultural preservation and pride in its community, families, and future.