Management Solutions

Organizations, at times, need to decide the direction that they will take when it comes to general functions such as planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling.  Throughout the process, we ensure that these general functions are aligned to an organization’s mission, vision and core values.  During changing times, we assist organizations make those changes as it rolls out new products, services or capabilities. 


Our proposed management solutions looks deeply into assessing and designing new approaches that include measuring their impact.  We offer a highly customized process tailored to meet your specific management needs. 


Our process may include the following suggested planning elements:


  •  Evaluating and assessing current status of management functions as selected by the organization. 
  •  Creating a conceptual framework based on your organization’s needs that will guide the entire designing, managing and evaluating process.
  •  Generating and testing viable business model options and selecting the best overall scenario that is in alignment with your organization’s mission, vision and value proposition.

If you are ready to make management design changes, we are here to assist you.


Strategic Planning

Creating and implementing a strategic plan is a big investment in time, money and trust.  Before you decide to create and implement a strategic plan you want to have a sense of what the process is and what you are deriving from that investment.


Our proposed strategic planning process looks deeply into assumptions and environmental scans that go beyond your organization’s expectations.  We offer a highly customized process tailored to meet your specific strategic planning needs. 


Our process may include the following suggested planning elements:

  •  Selecting a steering committee with representatives of your organization to be the brain trust and champion of the planning process.
  •  Creating a conceptual framework based on your organization’s mission, vision and long-term goals that will guide the entire planning process and will focus on key action-oriented areas.
  •  Creating and implementing a planning process that may include: environmental scan, internal analysis, developing objectives, defining metrics and timelines, implementation of plan. During the process the best overall strategy will be aligned with your organization’s mission, vision and value proposition. 

We are here to create and deliver a strategic planning process that accomplishes your organizational goals.


Integrated Marketing

Great marketing strategy requires a holistic approach that focuses on getting your stakeholders interested in your organization, products or services.  By combining unique insights, data, creative and branding, traditional and digital marketing, we create and implement marketing strategies with a focus on your brand and business growth.  Our goal is to turn your consumers into brand loyalists.


Our marketing services include:


  • Creating and implementing marketing strategies that focus on capturing current and future business development opportunities.
  • Developing and implementing traditional and digital marketing outreach that best position your organization with your target market.
  • Roll-out product and service campaigns that meet the needs of your consumer.

Whether you are ready to develop your overall marketing plan or focus on a particular product or service, we are here to assist you.


Leadership Development

We believe that leadership development is key to organizational success.  Whether leadership development is on the individual or team levels, we will give you the tools and coaching to enhance and transform your professional development goals.


We offer customized programs that explore the following leadership development services:

  • Behavioral assessments for individuals and teams.
  • Skill inventories for individuals and teams.
  • Coaching.
  • Training.
  • Customized Workshops.

Contact us for more information about how we can assist you and your team members.