Expanding into the Latino Market.

A national multi-media group with a strong national presence in 19 of the top 25 urban markets requested assistance in expanding into the Latino marketplace.

A strategic marketing plan was developed which would position this media group for future growth through segment specialization, innovation and relationship management.

Consulting Objectives

  • Ensure project success by developing, facilitating and implementing a strategic plan that leverages cultural insights and alignment with overall business goals.
  • Identify major relationship management strategies to connect, engage and capture the Latino consumer.


  • Validate business vision and goals.
  • Identify major demographic trends in targeted segment with additional focus on specific age, gender, and socio-economic characteristics.
  • Identify critical resources needed to implement strategy.
  • Develop Latino Outreach Strategic Plan.

Projected Outcomes

  • Increase brand recognition in targeted market segment by 25%.
  • Increase urban distribution points in Latino communities.
  • Increase sponsorship opportunities with media group’s existing corporate clients interested in reaching out to the Latino consumer.