Integrated Marketing

Great marketing strategy requires a holistic approach that focuses on getting your stakeholders interested in your organization, products or services.  By combining unique insights, data, creative and branding, traditional and digital marketing, we create and implement marketing strategies with a focus on your brand and business growth.  Our goal is to turn your consumers into brand loyalists.

Our marketing services include:

  • Creating and implementing marketing strategies that focus on capturing current and future business development opportunities
  • Developing and implementing traditional and digital marketing outreach that best position your organization with your target market
  • Roll-out product and service campaigns that meet the needs of your consumer

Whether you are ready to develop your overall marketing plan or focus on a particular product or service, we are here to assist you.


Do you know what your stakeholders think about your brand?  Does your brand give your current and future customers a reason to choose your organization, product or services?  Do you want a fresh look for your brand that clearly represents your organization’s new direction?

With an increased focus on growth strategies and perceptions of value propositions, you may decide to conduct a brand audit.  The purpose of a brand audit is to observe what is being communicated to your audience, if it effectively communicates your brand promise (value), what may be missing in such communication and if materials and channels are appropriately impacting your audience.

We offer a highly customized process tailored to meet your specific needs.  Our process will include the following preliminary strategic areas:

  • Review of your organization’s value proposition, strategy, business plan, marketing plan, communication materials and stakeholder touch-points
  • Research and analysis of key stakeholders’ brand perception and experience at various stakeholders’ touch-points
  • Brand alignment recommendations based on brand audit results, growth objectives and competitive environment

If you are ready to conduct a brand audit, we are here to assist you.

Community Engagement

As part of your strategic marketing plan, you may have identified community engagement as an important part.  Working collaboratively with your marketing or business development team, we can assist you in creating and implementing a thoughtful approach to engage members of a targeted community.

We believe in respectfully engaging with trusted partners that may include representatives of community based organizations, faith based organizations and business organizations that are essential to the implementation of your community engagement strategy.  Our approach includes the following elements:

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Knowledge and respect of community members and their values
  • Dedication to earning the trust of community members through long-term commitment to integrity and respect

Whether you represent the public or private sector interested in creating and implementing a community engagement plan, we are here to assist you.

Strategic Planning

Creating and implementing a strategic plan is a big investment in time, money and trust.  Before you decide to create and implement a strategic plan you want to have a sense of what the process is and what you are getting out of that investment.

Our proposed strategic planning process looks deeply into assumptions and environmental scans that go beyond your organization’s expectations.  We offer a highly customized process tailored to meet your specific strategic planning needs. Our process may include the following suggested planning elements:

  • Selecting a steering committee with representatives of your organization to be the brain trust and champion of the planning process
  • Creating a conceptual framework based on your organization’s needs that will guide the entire planning process and will focus on key action-oriented areas
  • Generating and testing viable business model options and selecting the best overall scenario that is in alignment with your organization’s mission, vision and value proposition

We are here to create and deliver a strategic planning process that accomplishes your business goals.